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We handle everything except the sales call

Service Details

Tech – we use a diversified tech stack, this means that we use multiple domain providers, email providers and sending tools to never let a change with one tool interrupt campaigns: Domains, Emails, Email warm up, Domain record setup & Spam moderation.

Prospect list building – we do this in house manually to allow more filtering and overall higher lead quality.

Script writing – All our scripts are 3-6 emails long, and generally very targeted to one specific segment in order to have the highest chance of converting. All our scripts are sent to you to review before we send them out in order to make sure they best represent your business.

Appointment setting/CRM management – we handle the responses from your cold email campaigns to either get a prospect to request more information or book in a call on your calendar. You can choose which you’d like to focus on. We’ll continue to follow up with any lead indicating interest for as long as you work with us.

When someone books a call we notify you over email or slack, and you will also have the event on your Calendar. Additionally we send the conversation screenshots so you’ll have full context before your call.

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Our setup time is 14-18 days

Time Frame

During this time we will:

  • Collect information needed about your business
  • Collect case studies from clients of yours that we can leverage in campaigns
  • Create a strategy for your campaigns
  • Have an onboarding call to familiarize you with our system, and also talk strategy
  • Get approval on targeting details, and built out your prospecting contact lists
  • Write scripts for your campaigns and get approval on each

On average our first positive reply comes in 6-7 days from campaign launch.

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What its like

Working With Us

  • We do all communication in Slack, where your primary contact points would be myself, our COO Felipe and our director of fulfilment Eoin.
  • On average we get back to all messages within 12-24hrs M-F.
  • Our team is online from approximately 8:00PM EST – 3:00PM EST
  • We have approval points on all new campaign ideas to gather your input and leverage your knowledge from working in your industry
  • We have approval points on all scripts to ensure quality
  • We typically test out 3-5 campaign ideas per month, starting with bigger ideas and then moving to smaller tests.

For example:

  • First test: Industry
  • Second test: 2 different scripts, one short and one longer within the winning industry
  • Third test: 2 different call to actions within the winning script, within the winning industry
  • Fourth test onward: Smaller more specific tests within the winning campaign, in addition to trying new “big ideas” scripts to try to beat the current winner.

We have a reporting dashboard for you to stay up to date, and also do calls on an as needed basis to go over findings, new ideas and gain feedback based on the calls you’ve had.

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Pricing information


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What to do now

Next Steps

1. Let me know if you have any questions

Phone (WhatsApp or text): +447807 934 733
Email: [email protected]

2. Once your questions are answered, here’s a link to our invoice with listed terms: ADD LINK TO GOOGLE DOC INVOICE HERE

3. Once the invoice is cleared, we still start a new email thread to manage everything. The email will be sent to the email we currently have on file, if you want an additional email for yourself or a team member to be included, please let us know.

4. In the email we send across we’ll include a form where we’ll collect all the information we need to get started with working together.

5. From here we get to work!

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Our Clients

Dre Drexler: 

I’ve worked with Hasan from Reaction Lab for years & he’s always given me great opportunities to work with powerhouse brands. Very happy & pleased to work with him & the rest of the reaction lab team

Lauren Midgley:

Loved working with Hasan from Reaction Lab Media! He was very helpful and knowledgeable. I look forward to working with him again in the future!

Fatima Bah:

I had an easy and seamless experience working with Reaction Lab. They helped to connect me with brands I’ve been wanting to work with for a while.


It was great working with Reaction Lab Media. A very easy and seamless process that has allowed me to work with great brands!

Journey By Joe:

Excellent services and professionalism. I dealt with Hasan and he has been very organized throughout the entire campaign process. Thank you Reaction Lab Media for being so great!

Chanced426 (Chance Dubinick):

Working with Reaction Lab was easy and stress free!

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