Creator Marketing

We work with creators in the UK & US who raise awareness, build advocacy and drive sales specifically for health & wellness brands and offer end-to-end campaign management. Check out some of our client results here.

Relationship Building

Reaction Lab is UK-based but have nurtured and built outstanding ongoing relationships with some of the most engaging, successful social talent worldwide; connecting your brand with our highly motivated content creators that generates reactions and drives results.

Strategise, Match, Launch

Designing a collaborative strategy from understanding your desired KPIs and objectives; matching the right influencers to your brand based around your target audience; review content to ensure engagement and a reaction; launching your tailored campaign; conducting post campaign analysis and reporting.

Project Management

Comprehensive campaign management by your personal account manager, ensuring your tailored influencer marketing campaign and digital communications progresses fluently, on target and on budget. From developing briefs and guidelines, strategy building and content reviews to selection and management of your brand’s influencers and post campaign analysis, Reaction Lab is with you every step of the way.

Content Approval

We won’t send any content we create live until we know that you are 100% happy. Our content approval process is not only simple, but proficient too. We empower our clients by giving them the control they desire, and safeguards their brand and company values.

Feedback that Works

We don’t just collect analytics and data from each campaign we run for you, we make it work to your advantage by applying it to your next campaign. Following a comprehensive debrief, we strategise the next steps to ensure each campaign we run is better than the last.

Ship in Real Time

Send shipment notifications to creators with ease and in real-time. We’ve worked to integrate seamlessly with the shipping courier so that we can keep everyone involved up-to-date.

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Want to put your brand on the map? At Reaction Lab, we will become an extension of your marketing team, working collaboratively with you to innovate and create influencer marketing and digital campaigns that are tailored to your brand, and drive results!

Our Services

Creator Marketing and more...

Creator Marketing is the core flagship service that we offer. Having said that we also run activations for health & wellness brands across other verticals and predominantly work with creators across YouTube, Instagram & TikTok in the US & UK.

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We work with creators in the UK & US who raise awareness, build advocacy and drive sales….

We don’t manage talent. We source & collaborate with creators in the UK & US who raise awareness, build advocacy and drive sales specifically for health & wellness brands.

Nicolette Gray

Nicolette Gray

Lifestyle & Fashion

YT Subscribers: 1.2M

IG Followers: 628K

Dre Drexler

Dre Drexler

Men's Lifestyle & Fashion

YT Subscribers: 580K

IG Followers: 83K

Alexa Rivera

Alexa Rivera

Lifestyle & Pranks

YT Subscribers: 2.31M

IG Followers: 3.8M


Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

YT Subscribers: 316K

IG Followers: 65k


Misha Grimes

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

YT Subscribers: 188K

IG Followers: 110K

Raemon Alba

Ramón Alba

Men's Fashion

IG Followers: 167K


Blanca J


YT Subscribers: 284K

IG Followers: 120K

Jess & Mclane

Jess & Mclane

Lifestyle & Challenges

YT Subscribers: 85K

IG Followers: 45K

Lizeth Ramirez

Lizeth Ramirez

Lifestyle & Beauty

YT Subscribers: 378K

IG Followers: 125K


Rachelle Maust

Lifestyle & Fashion

YT Subscribers: 223K

IG Followers: 253K

Tana M

Tana Mongeau


YT Subscribers: 5M

IG Followers 4.8M

Valeria Lipovetsky

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

YT Subscribers: 1.18M

IG Followers: 449K