UGC Ad Creative + Paid Ads

“By adjusting their strategies to focus more on UGC, brands can unlock unparalleled engagement, organic reach, and ultimately drive sales and conversions like never before.” – Hasan Hus, Reaction Lab

UGC Ad Creative + Paid Ads

UGC: The future of collaboration with social media talent

UGC is usage rights-free content created by smaller creators for brands to repost on their own platforms or to repurpose as Paid Ads. Its being utilized by forward-thinking brands as an extremely cost-efficient way to gather quality content and increase awareness with paid ads.

This type of highly-relatable content reflects your target customers’ authentic experience.

Embrace this shift and capitalize on the power of authentic content & forge genuine connections with your target audience on TikTok and Instagram.

Our UGC Creation Process

How it all works

Here’s an overview of the process:

  • Onboarding
  • Creator seeding begins
  • Collect UGC creatives
  • Boost with paid ads
  • Analyse & Optimise
  • Invest in paid UGC content

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