Health & Wellness Industry Marketing Specialists

An Influencer Marketing agency helping brands in the health & wellness industry grow & gain new customers by partnering with content creators on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram & TikTok.

Health & Wellness Industry Marketing Specialists

Our Story

Reaction Lab Media is an established Influencer & social media marketing agency helping health & wellness businesses drive customer acquisition at scale. Along with our admiration for Influencer Marketing, we’re equally as passionate about all things health and wellness from cutting-edge bio-hacking gadgets to gut health aiding probiotics and this all stems from the love and curiosity Hasan, Founder of Reaction Lab, has for holistic health & wellness practices. 

We work with in-house marketing teams of health & wellness businesses to help support the growth of their business by leveraging our expertise in influencer marketing, working on creator campaigns at scale that drives growth through customer acquisition and revenue.

Our Approach

Influencer Campaigns At Scale

Offering our expertise and insight on content collaborations whilst seamlessly running high-performing creator campaigns at scale, focusing on delivering fair, mutually beneficial collaborations between your business and influencers.

Network Of 2000+ Creators

Working independently with the business’s best interests in mind as an extended part of your marketing team that specialises in influencer marketing (we don’t currently directly manage talent), tapping into a strong network of over 2000 leading content creators across the UK & US.

Nano, Micro, Macro, Celebrity

Leveraging access to our own network which includes all influencer tiers from nano & micro to macro & celebrity and our professional relationships with the world’s top talent managers and their rosters of incredible creators whilst applying best practices and executing due diligence in the content collaboration process.

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Want to put your brand on the map? At Reaction Lab, we will become an extension of your marketing team, working collaboratively with you to innovate and create influencer marketing and digital campaigns that are tailored to your brand, and drive results!