Reaction Lab: empowering creators & elevating brands. Creator partnerships & lead generation agency.

Our core services are Influencer Marketing & our bespoke lead generation offer for creators, Creator Boost.

Our Services: Influencer Marketing, Creator Boost & The Lead Lab

Maximizing revenue growth (not likes) for brands, creators & creative digital agencies.

Our focus lies in three key areas: bridging the gap between brands and the creator economy, and enabling creators & creative digital agencies to efficiently reach out to businesses on a larger scale in order to land more brand deals and acquire more clients.

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Leveraging authenticity is key to driving results through Influencer Marketing.  We’re proud of the brands we’ve connected with highly engaged global audiences through collaboration with Influencers. Aligning creative social first content in a digital ecosystem to build trust and drive audience engagement.

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“Working with Reaction Lab was a breath of fresh air after having some bad experiences with other agencies in the past. Their professionalism and communication right from the start was a great indicator that Hasan & his team were a good match for us and this was also shown in the results of our initial campaigns together. This year when we extended & scaled our scope of work we were very happy to see that the level of campaign management remained the same. I highly recommend Reaction Lab to anyone seeking to work with influencers and I look forward to continuing our partnership!” 

Ivana Mikulić, Senior Digital Media Specialist, Foreo 

“Over the last couple of years, we have been working extensively with Reaction Lab. The Founder Hasan has been nothing but professional and understanding to our brand’s needs, and let me tell you, that is a refreshing vibe in comparison to some of the other agencies & talent managers I’ve worked with prior. Reaction Lab has our brand satisfaction at the top of their priority and they’ll do everything in their power to make sure the campaigns we work on are to the highest possible standards. I strongly recommend Reaction Lab and I know I certainly will in the future.”

Yohai Rotem, Senior Direct Partnerships Manager, Glasses USA
Nicolette Gray

Nicolette Gray

Lifestyle & Fashion

YT Subscribers: 1.2M

IG Followers: 628K

Dre Drexler

Dre Drexler

Men's Lifestyle & Fashion

YT Subscribers: 580K

IG Followers: 83K

Alexa Rivera

Alexa Rivera

Lifestyle & Pranks

YT Subscribers: 2.31M

IG Followers: 3.8M


Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

YT Subscribers: 316K

IG Followers: 65k


Misha Grimes

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

YT Subscribers: 188K

IG Followers: 110K

Raemon Alba

Ramón Alba

Men's Fashion

IG Followers: 167K


Blanca J


YT Subscribers: 284K

IG Followers: 120K

Jess & Mclane

Jess & Mclane

Lifestyle & Challenges

YT Subscribers: 85K

IG Followers: 45K

Lizeth Ramirez

Lizeth Ramirez

Lifestyle & Beauty

YT Subscribers: 378K

IG Followers: 125K


Rachelle Maust

Lifestyle & Fashion

YT Subscribers: 223K

IG Followers: 253K

Tana M

Tana Mongeau


YT Subscribers: 5M

IG Followers 4.8M

Valeria Lipovetsky

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

YT Subscribers: 1.18M

IG Followers: 449K


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