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A whiff of success and a stellar ROI. Discover Scentbird, the fragrance subscription service that champions self-expression through scent. Boasting a selection of over 300 perfumes and 250 colognes, Scentbird features top brands like Prada, Gucci, and Versace, alongside indie favorites such as Skylar, Heretic, and Confessions of a Rebel. Catering to both beginners and fragrance connoisseurs, Scentbird is your ultimate destination for all things scent.

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Influencer Marketing Strategy & Objectives

Our partnership with Scentbird began in 2018. By 2021, the campaign matured, providing clear insights into effective strategies after testing over 25 verticals on YouTube and Instagram. Since then, we’ve been scaling up, increasing budgets to five and six figures while maintaining stellar performance.

At the end of 2022, we added TikTok to our platform mix, enhancing our reach further. For 2023, we set ambitious goals with a larger budget, focusing on creating organic, engaging integrations centered around the theme, “immerse yourself in the world of fragrances with Scentbird,” while allowing creators creative freedom.

Key performance indicators for 2023 included maintaining a low US market CPM, achieving a single-digit CAC, a positive ROI and high VTO.


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