By Reaction Lab - 5th September 2019

5 Digital Nomads on YouTube Giving Us Travel Envy

While many of us could only dream of quitting our day jobs, buying a one-way ticket around the world and getting paid to travel, this is the reality for a lucky group of people. Referred to as ‘digital nomads’, these adventure seekers have left their ordinary lives behind to travel the world and document their experiences online. Take a look at some of our favourite digital nomads and learn about how they’re supporting this lifestyle, but be warned – you’re about to get a serious case of wanderlust!

Dane and Stacey

This New Zealand couple have been living the jetsetter lifestyle full-time for over 3 years and share their adventures on YouTube and Instagram along the way. They’ve travelled to over 50 countries and created content for dream brands such as Sony, Princess Cruises, and multiple tourism boards along the way.

For those dreaming of living the same lifestyle, you’re in luck! They’ve created a 200+ page guide so that you can take the first step in living the digital nomad life.


In 2014, Jordan Simmons sold everything he owned, quit his job and decided to travel the world. Almost 5 years later, he’s travelled to over 65 countries, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, dived off the world’s highest bungee jump in Macau and studied martial arts in China – all while working from a laptop.

With 200k active followers watching his adventure and over 10 million views on his YouTube channel, his thrilling lifestyle doesn’t look like it will be coming to a halt anytime soon. His goal is to reach 100 countries by next year, and we can’t wait to see him achieve it!

Allison Anderson

Allison’s kick-start into solo travelling the globe started at the end of 2017, when she was inspired by travel blogs to make a list of destinations she wanted to visit. Before she knew it, she had over 40 destinations bookmarked to visit but realised that she had no one to travel with. Alison writes on her blog, ‘Becoming a solo traveller has solidified a new constant in my life: I am going. If my partner/family/friends are free to travel, great! I plan a trip with them. And if I’m dying to go somewhere or find an awesome flight deal and no one is available, no big deal – I am still going to go, just by myself.’

In the last year, she’s solo travelled to Iceland, Japan, Portugal, South Korea, and across the US, and vlogged the experience for her 471k subscribers on YouTube. Through her itineraries, videos and photography, she offers inspiration to any woman looking to solo travel internationally.

Kristen & Siya

Kristen & Siya are a couple that recently had a baby daughter – proving that you can still travel the world with a family. They describe their jobs as ‘professional adventurers traveling the world full-time and living life on [their] own terms’ and they’ve fully settled into the digital nomad life, as they’ve been globetrotting for more than a decade. You’ll find everything you need to know about travel hacks and advice on their blog and YouTube channel – Hopscotch the Globe, along with their extensive experiences travelling the world.

They’ve been featured on travel outlets such as HostelWorld and Travel + Escape, and partnered with brands including Lonely Planet and GoPro. If that wasn’t enough, they were also named as top travel vloggers to follow by USA Today.

Cup Of TJ

TJ Lee quit her 9 to 5 job and left her life in San Francisco to become a digital nomad in 2016. Building her career as a freelance creative has provided her with the income needed to sustain her foodie and travel adventures. She also provides courses to create a travel YouTube channel and travel vlogging tips on her website, for wanderlusters thinking of taking the same path.

Nowadays she uploads her travel series ‘Cutest Travel & Food Show’ on YouTube, which garners roughly 1.6 million views per month. A digital nomad with a difference, her channel focuses on visiting different restaurants and tasting various cuisines around the world. From Korean BBQ in Seoul to Bavarian food in Munich, she’s eating her way around the world one city at a time!

Are you thinking of featuring a travel blogger in your next campaign? Or are you a digital nomad interested in partnering with top brands? Get in touch!

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